For any kind of services asked by the companies, they always keep their target customers in centre. Hence a website designer must also understand the purpose for designing the website – be it a B2B website or consumer-oriented website like retail or entertainment. Simultaneously care should be taken for the aesthetics of the site that it should not overshadow content accuracy and ease of web navigation.

A user experience for the Website design services depends on the understanding of the content that in turn depends on how the website works. UX relates to layout, clear instructions and labelling on a website. It also counts on interactive design of the site. If any user found the website useful then it is highly likely that the users will be engaged at the site for a long time.

The website will become interactive by the use of plug-ins or advanced coding language. HTML-table-based layouts and grid-based design need to be used in layout design principle and coding technique. However, the screen reading devices and varying window sizes cannot be controlled by designers. Responsive Web Design is based on CSS3.


Website typeface is another kind of tool that can either be used in huge numbers or can limit to a few with similar styles. As far as Motion Graphics is concerned, their choice depends on target market. It creates a marked difference between effective and distracting visuals. If the site visitor doesn’t initiate these graphics then accessibility issues can be produced.

There are specifications for designing every website. If these standards are not met, they will become prone to errors. Correct layout of pages and closing the coded elements are few of the characteristics that should be included in specifications. A badly coded page is generally referred to as Tag Soup. For such errors a DOCTYPE declaration is made that highlights errors in the code.


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