Website designers are considered to be the most digitally creative beings in the whole digital landscape. They possess the ability to design any kind of website as per the demand of the clients. The kind of service also affects the expense of taking that service. They have a broad range of jobs to deliver in divisions like interface design, proprietary software and user experience design etc.

Primarily the job of the website designer  is to design the site in which there will be a web developer and a web designer. They add on to the visual appearance of the website. This includes layout, coloring and typography of a particular page on the site. They also have a functional knowledge of markup languages like HTML, CSS etc. However, the depth of knowledge can differ from designer to designer.

In smaller organizations, the skills and techniques of the web designers will be more focused on designing and programming the complete page of the website whereas in larger ones their main job gets restricted to visual aspects alone.

web design.png

The responsibility of designing the identity services of the companies such as logos, layouts and buttons is carried out by the Graphic designers. They are the Internet marketing specialists that maintain the number of target viewers to the site by maintaining web presence through strategic solutions. They use marketing and promotional activities on the internet. SEO writers should work in collaboration with the web designers for the keywords to be incorporated in the website to make it more accessible on the search engines. Content writers create the right content for the website to appeal the target viewers.

The main obligation to UX designers is to include information architecture, user-centered design, user testing, interaction design, and occasionally visual design.


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