No doubt that web designers are the most creative people of Digital Media industry but sometimes they also need reference websites to deliver excellence in their job. They generally bookmark the reference websites to build up their bank of sample websites. Few websites which are usually referred by web designers are A List Apart, 24 Ways, Smashing magazine, siteInspire, UX Movement, Search Engine Land, W3C, HTML5 Boilerplate, Dive into HTML5,, Adobe Kuler, Adobe BrowserLab, 978 Grid System, I Love Typography, Web Resources Depot, Dev.Opera, CSS Play, Browser News, QuirksMode, When can I use… and FindmebyIP.

A List Apart is an online magazine with exhaustive content for web designers that give complete insight in terms of code, content and design.

24 Ways publish two-dozen web-design articles in the month of December every year with website designers referring the same for a long duration. It has first-rate contributors with every article being equally useful and relevant.

Smashing Magazine believe in publishing through news, opinion pieces and practical tutorials with some additional resources.


As the name suggests UX Movement publish blogs regarding UX, providing insight into wireframing and usability concerns relating to forms accompanied with hover components and other page elements on websites.

Search Engine Land regularly updates news about search marketing and search engines with tips for improving the SEO activities. Google webmaster central is another important insight to checkout where Google ranks the website.

W3C highlights the standards for designing a particular website. It not only gives access to the specifications but also provides tools like markup and CSS validators.

HTML5 Boilerplate exposes you to HTML/CSS/JavaScript template.

Dive into HTML5 is an online book under CC-BY-3.0 License that offers number of features from the specification.

The same story goes all the way long with other websites as well with more or less same features. It is important for the web designers to make themselves aware of such useful resources.


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