Twitter has decided to shut down its dashboard feature this year in February. This tool was a useful tool as it helps businesses to track their tweets, access analytics and more. The decision has been taken within eight months of its launch though it does not have any plan for transition to the similar features that businesses can access going forward.

However, Twitter is working on further improvement of existing Dashboard features to the broader Twitter community. In the ‘Business Apps’ category on iTunes the Twitter Dashboard has been continuously ranked low at 432nd position. The Sensor tower sensed that this app was downloaded 40,000 times across the world since launch and approximately 3000 times last month. Hence it was reported that since the product does not have large install base thus it was decided to shut down this product.

In October 2016, Twitter renounced its video sharing app Vine and planning to cut down 9% of the workforce to cut down its expenses. The current user status for Twitter is not even stagnant but going down sharply and Vine was an attempt to shoot the same. But due to the high competition on other social media platforms proved it to be a failed attempt.


The users of this video can share small snippets of the video within six seconds or less but with this phenomenal feature of immensely fast speed it became the top trending service on the micro-blogging site and pulled in millions of users bred as ‘Vine stars’. It became hugely favoured in US with over 1.64 million tweets.

But soon Twitter realised that it could not compete with the other platforms. It was analysed that the failure might have happened because of the fault in the design of mobile app and video sharing app. Now the decision has been taken to convert video sharing app into simple camera app.

Twitter, nowadays, is planning to cut parts with some of its branches to make it a profitable venture in future. Since the growth of users and revenue was slow, the dashboard has become the latest casualty. In an effort for being more efficient, the company is slimming down its platform and the retrenchment of the workforce became a necessity for that. Also the company is not focusing on its marketing initiatives as it is inclined towards big broadcast deals and news and coming up with innovative strategies such as 360 video.

The social platform is also planning to eradicate lead generation campaigns as soon as possible. The popularity of Social Media Management tools in market forced Twitter to launch this dashboard to smoothen and optimise the activity of small and middle-sized business to give a social media support to them.

Initially when it decided to close down its Vine app, it has to roll back its plan because of its strong support on social media community. The departure of Twitter has created a wide gap 


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