Any presentation that contains media or animation or any video can be termed as Multimedia Presentation. If it is accompanied with a voice-over or background music or sound clips, then the audience might be able to relate with it better. There is a specific purpose of these additional elements. Sometimes it may be added just to enhance the impact of a particular message or sometimes just to convey the message with a voice-over.

Now, when will one decide whether to create a Multimedia presentation or a PowerPoint presentation? Multimedia is created on Adobe flash whereas PowerPoint is created on PowerPoint. Multimedia presentation has further branches that are audio, video, text, graphic and animation.

Whenever a business purpose needs to be presented or served it can be done through presentation, training, advertisement and video conferencing etc. Multimedia presentation is not only suitable for businesses but to education sector as well. Any new technology or innovative idea can be presented well through these presentations such as electronic apps, smart classes etc.

However, Multimedia has already entered Indian households in the form of computers with a CD-ROM or DVD-drive or might be a set-top player such as X-Box or Play Station. Multimedia needs to be combined with fun and games-based media which was earlier described as shoot-em-up. Usually, multimedia is being used in the form of kiosks, stand-alone terminals, interactive help for customers and immensely reduced manual work.


The text usage involved in Multimedia can be in the form of general text, hyper text and pdf. Images in the presentation should aid in explanation of the text. Image graphics are considered to explain the concept better as humans can comprehend these concepts better. Sometimes sound makes all the difference between an ordinary and a professional presentation. Sound spreads like a web that is characterised by frequency, web length, amplitude and speech etc. There are two types of sound frequencies – mono and stereo.

Stereo involves multiple independent audio channels that create sound using two or more audio channels or the impression of sound heard from various directions whereas mono uses audio through a single channel. It is quite clear that multiple audio channels are preferred by everyone for an improved and clear sound quality. It is preferred for music listening, FM broadcasting and Digital Audio systems.

Mono sound, however, is ideal for radiotelephones, radio stations that transmit public addressals, talk shows and important public announcements. To gain live experience on a static platform animation tools are being added to the presentations. After its incorporation, the images will start changing very start but the change will be very little.

Once a video is uploaded in a presentation it is going to take a lot of storage space as it has photo realistic image sequence or live recording instead of animation. Recording a video is a bit different process from animation as it involves capturing, recording, processing, transmitting and reconstructing movement of the pictures.

Multimedia becomes interactive once the users start controlling the elements of the presentation.


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