Depending on the type of business, if it is small or listed on Fortune 500, a design studio will deliver custom or template websites, and/or web portal applications to the clients. The various graphic design software include Adobe Photoshop, FrontPage, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Adobe Go Live.

The web design studio need to have software development technologies with languages like ASP, PHP, Shockwave, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), XHTML, DHTML, XML, C++, Perl, and .NET. The studio can also be approached for business intranet solutions involving database and shopping cart solutions. These solutions use database like Mysql, Postgres, Oracle, Informix, and DB2.

If the creative team of the studio get some assignment it generally moves onto Macromedia Director, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Premiere. Another team working in the studio will be a team of SEOs. They will optimize the already published websites and create a more useful content. An early costless consultation, hosting website and making templates available are usually offered by any design studio.

The specializations available in any design studio are in PHP web programming, web site development, and MySQL database development. The World Wide Web Consortium complies with the markup that makes the content accessible and consistent over all types of devices. The websites should be designed in such a way that loads them fast and accessible to a broad range of people.


To build a customized e-commerce website and a CMS for the same an expert PHP programming and MySQL database is developed. It should have a customised shopping cart designed with different payment options and live shipping quotes from sources like USPS, FedEx, DHL, UPS and Canadian Post.

Generally, the interactive websites are designed with high speed and flexibility and uses Javascript, XHTML, and CSS to achieve the same. Designing a website is a critical task as it defines the look of the business. The website should have a clean approach and should be designed keeping in view the target audience and the need of the client. This helps in a better communication of the website with its users.

The different features of the website involve visual design, typography, and interface design. Sometimes in search of perfect designs, the designer falls in a trap in searching for all the possibilities. Hence, a well-experienced designer should understand the feasibility of the best possible design to be incorporated.

Other biggest challenge while designing is User Interface. This involves the creation of deep craft. The user should feel like the target audience and the website is friendly to them. However, every website has a room for rough edges in the form of difficult to read search result pages, an error page that is difficult to comprehend, pop-up menus based on javascript that blinks awkwardly and a cluttered home page of the website. The interface design includes function, aesthetics, and performance. The central point of discussion is always function of the interface and its usability is commonly questioned.

Sometimes the creative team can be reluctant to design if they will be forced to work on something which they don’t like.


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