Business solutions generally work towards hiking the sales, streamlining the business and reaching out to different channels. They make efforts to double the business as fast as possible. These solutions include designing of stunning templates of the storefront, stunning market-leading tools, site hosting of enterprise grade and up time involved in the process.

The most common business solutions nowadays are being provided for e-commerce industries for the best ROI in business. Generally these e-commerce solutions include multiple-channel selling, secure hosting as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth with an added feature of no transaction fee. These features should be designed to scale with business.

These solutions should add on to the overall shopping experience of the shoppers. The latest features should result in better search rankings, faster page loads and higher conversion. For better conversion rate of consumers, the solutions recommend the development of beautiful storefronts responsive design templates. Dozens of themes are designed by the solution providing company such that the site should be customized without any coding.

The e-commerce merchants should sell more and scale faster after incorporating the above mentioned features in their e-commerce websites. To drive more traffic to that website a high-class SEO service needs to be provided with additional services of email marketing tools, Google Shopping and product comparison integrations. However, to increase more traffic and drive visitors to the e-commerce platform the company can also get itself listed on various high-traffic shopping sites. This action will get them more potential leads with reduced effort.

e commerce website.png

In recent days, the merchants are also linking their e-commerce websites with a feature known as Google shopping in which there will be no limit to the audience exposure for your platform. Also, with high user engagement there will be so much time saved and improvement of accuracy by listing the products automatically on Google shopping. It is a very easy and smooth process as there is no need for manual management of feeds, updating the inventory and adding new products.

Also by listing the products on various product comparison sites and huge and most-trusted engines such as Nextag, PriceGrabber, there are high chances of expanding the audience reach.

E-mail marketing is another way of tapping the return of visitors back to the site. Some of the leading marketing platforms are MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact and iContact that sync the storage data which will help in selling products based on buying history of the product, engage customers for a long duration along with rewards and bring back previous shoppers by reintroducing previous shoppers.

Getting back to e-mail marketing, an e-mail campaign tends to generate an ROI of about 4%. Other than generating revenue, this activity also helps in easy operation by segregating the email list of customers based on purchase history, order total, order date, location and much more. It automatically syncs the customers’ contact with the database and the order data will be automatically updated.

However, to get repeated business the company should come out with monthly newsletter by exporting addresses of the subscribers to company’s CRM.


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