Any corporate is identified as a brand for certain products when it qualifies on the aspects such as quality, strength, ability, boldness and trust. A brand name is more than just a logo. The corporate identity is defined on the basis of specialities such as brand evaluation, brand name, logo design, brand guidelines, taglines, name suggestions of the company and product, copy-writing and product marketing.

Everyone will agree that first impression is most important to establish any brand identity. Anything carrying the company’s name and logo will become its identity. Professionally  these things are referred as business cards and attractive logos, coloured envelopes and letterheads to keep them unique and specific for that company. In addition to it, they have to e appealing, charming and eye-catching.

A user will make an idea about the vision and mission of the company from the message conveyed through these identity services. This is how they make an assumption about their services and products, their uniqueness, professionalism and knowledge. The ideas will definitely turn into results with the customers being conveyed the right message. The wide range of services offered under corporate identity services are custom logo design and redesign with two different versions – web and colour print. Apart from this there are taglines and slogans, website designing, stationary designing and printing which includes business cards, booklets, brochures, etc.

Since the company does not interact with its customers directly to convey their ideas and offerings they create their own identity services that communicate with them precisely. The latest trend going on in this field is letterhead, stationary deck, banner ad, signage, print ad or online tool for an all the round 360-degree communication.


The marketplace being cluttered it is very important to establish a strong brand presence and position oneself in the market. Neither people have time nowadays to go through a two-pages long introduction. Hence, companies need short-lines in the from of slogans or taglines to convey its goals.

A lot of market research is involved behind designing these identities. This should be designed after a brainstorming session with the clients and staff. The competitor study also involves different aspects based on their position and demand in the market. The specific methodology behind this research involves looking out competitor’s online, websites and social media marketing in addition to physical aspects of their brand.

Before start working on Corporate identity services the company first needs to be clear about its short-term and long-term goals amongst which long-term goals should be emphasised because the identities cannot be changed form time to time, also, the failures and successes in relation to the business should not be the criteria for creating the corporate identities.

After the development of the brand collateral , the companies need to decide on their marketing strategy about the location, visibility, form (such as hoardings, banners, pole kiosks, billboards, leaflets, brochures etc.) and branding. This strategy can either be weak or strong; to understand this concept, it is beneficial to consider exactly what constitutes a strong corporate identity.



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