Mainly used for the content in relation to a museum, an exhibition or a collection, a handheld device that displays multimedia (audio & video) is known as Multimedia guide. It is sometimes used primarily for tourism domain or as replacement to audio-only portable guides. Now the question arises that why multimedia has become a popular medium to convey the ideas?

The answer lies in the great user experience that one perceives after studying the multimedia guide for related purpose.  The guide amalgamates features of a traditional audio guides with new technologies and apps. Now the presentations will not be static any more but rather be interactive. They will include multimedia functions, multilingual content, videos, images, digital animations and audio commentaries. A perfect storytelling experience.

To exhibit a good quality  these guides have an excellent production of audio, videos, images, text, illustrations, graphics and 3D contents. For best experience a rich and miscellaneous content should be introduced. It is an easy and flexible instrument to be used for people of all age groups. To experience the multi-functionality of this guide the user utilizes the built-in speakers or external earphones.

Now even the automobile companies are using multimedia features to polish the driving experience of the car driver. A voice detection system can be installed that catches voice by intuition that forms driver’s connection with the optional parking camera by dictating the contact or address. Also there are multimedia-based devices that collects the best possible real-time traffic updates and estimate the total driving time to suggest the best route to go from.


Time to time safety warnings, local features of related areas and weather forecasts are other features that should be added to the multimedia guide for well connected navigation. Also there are other features that can be introduced other than these are voice control along with eco function feature to lower down fuel consumption. Multimedia guide also has power to check the compatibility of operations and acoustic of the telephone system.

An improvement has been suggested for digital radio without the need to change the stereo. Multimedia also contributes to personally connect to the music player and control its features with fingertips. To reduce accident risks hands-free system has been devised for telephones but doesn’t involve in risk elimination with automatic alerts by the same about the traffic conditions.

File transfers are happening either through the memory card of the pocket computer and thus possess a static nature or via wireless local area network for permanent updates of the data/information. The network range has to be between 30 and 100 meters with content sharing through CMS. With the menu control on the device automatic positioning is achieved through signal transmitters such as radio or infrared whereas in the semi-automatic system the data is beind uploaded through light signal. The user will point those areas which are maximum. The induction loop placement is another way to find  visitor location which are exclusively placed on exposed points in the ground.


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