The latest trend in Web Designing is Motion User Interface that includes the usage of Saas library. The motive of this feature is creating animations and CSS transitions. It is a challenge to conduct an app’s transitions with pre-defined motions. Generally it is accomplished by introducing Motion UI. It has become one of the most favourable medium for collaborating prototypical animated elements smoothly into websites.

There is a new dimension to the responsive characteristic of the website. Now, it is not only restricted to Mobile apps but works on plenty of devices and gadegts such as Apple watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift. Semantic UI is another novice framework with an upgraded version whose demand will grow.

If we talk other than websites, it is Mobile apps that will create a boom with an upgraded technology that involves IoT (Internet of Things), that too at a new level. By 2019, it has been estimated to grow with a CAGR of 31.72%. It is seemingly visible that more than 50% of IoT will happen by the start up companies.

The IoT functions by transferring the data from internet to the other smart objects. People must have heard about the adage ‘The more, The merrier’ Its use is completely justified in the case of IoT. For users to transmit the information better and control the functioning of their everyday gadgets a higher number of devices need to be connected to the network through which the web developers will deliver upgraded solutions for every query asked.


Every person has his or her own development environment in a Web Design Studio that is supported by a robust text editor program VIM few years back but slowly and suttly people are switching themselves to the cloud based version of Integrated Development Environments as they are quick and approachable by the communities. The kick is that it is all time available for quickly testing the bootstrap code without conducting downloads.

The add-on of full screen navigation to the web page is mainly done for mobile devices. This will prove very useful for the users to repond to Call-To-Action (CTA) features such as registration forms, enquiry forms, call to contact etc. which seems very easy in full screen for form filling.

Nowadays, a thorough framework is used to impart responsiveness to the creation of the web app with the help of which the developer can quickly go for coding unique to a particular application. This is a well-structured responsive front-end framework.

Right now it is considered that if apps are not working in real time then flexibility in usage of apps is not fulfilling the purpose. Real time analytics is steadily being considered as a critical feature of desktops to mobile apps. On the same lines, there are few apps such as Periscope and Meerkat, that will enable live streaming on various Social Media sites. One of the other real time services available in the market is

The standard User experience are going to come up in the form of bots. An account named as Slackbot account is used for this purpose.


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