Up-time guarantee is usually presented as a critical factor by the web hosters for promotion of reliability and up-time performance of the site. The guarantee confirms that the compensation should range within 99-100 percent up-time. Such guarantees take into account the margin of time a server is allowed to be down to finally pay out the level of compensation.

Under the web host’s up-time guarantee the website hosting is permitted to be offline for a certain amount of time that is accomplished either for 99 percent, 99.9 percent or even 99.99 percent.

For 99 percent the daily up-time will be 14 minutes 24 seconds, weekly it has to be 1 hour 40 minutes and 48 seconds, monthly it should be 7 hours 18 minutes and 17.5 seconds whereas yearly the time period is 3 days 15 hours 39 minutes and 29.5 seconds.

For 99.9 percent up-time the daily up-time is 1 minute 26.4 seconds, weekly up-time is 10 minutes 4.8 seconds, monthly up-time is 43 minutes 49.7 seconds, yearly up-time is 8 hours 45 minutes and 57 seconds.


For 99.99 percent the daily up-time required is 8.6 seconds, weekly up-time is 1 minute 5 seconds, monthly up-time is 4 minutes 23 seconds and yearly up-time is 52 minutes 35.7 seconds.

It might be expected that any web hosting service offering 99.99 percent up-time will maintain a downtime of 45 minutes per month where the web hosters keep up to the yearly average of 8 hours 45 minutes downtime guarantee.

But if the website is making money for the business, any amount of downtime is unacceptable to them. But being realistic, for a load balanced configuration of custom server the downtime in the website is unavoidable but it should not occur on regular basis and should not persist for a long amount of time.

Any of the providers would be looking for adapting 99.99 percent up-time because this is an affordable up-time within the range of $5 – $10 per month as per the website hosting plan whereas in case of an up-time of 99.9 percent he will receive a downtime just less than 45 minutes which is not being favoured by the web hosting facilities.

If the service provider is quite expensive such as VPS or dedicated, it is not going to work as for establishment of complete reliabilita load balanced server configuration like Digital ocean or Linode is required. It is also possible that a network issue at the data center might be responsible for causing downtime which can be taken over by syncing the website to another data center using a fail over Domain Name System.

The term ‘downtime’ is defined as the time duration during which the machine is not working. Website hosting providers should be aware of the factors that will be responsible for the up-time of the website. The two well-known hosting providers are A Small Orange and SiteGround.

In ‘Small Orange’ the guarantee is related to the shared web hosting but not to the Virtual Private Servers, cloud hosting, semi-dedicated or dedicated server packages whereas Siteground is not constrained to any particular plan such that the qualifiers would be Cloud or Dedicated hosting.


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