Web promotion or Inbound marketing has become a challenge these days because of the frequent changes executed in the most popular search engine ‘Google’. ‘Humming Bird’ has recently been rolled out by Google to looking forward to assessing the content quality through social shares. This becomes a strong reason for raising SERPs of a particular website.

Hence for a better optimization, incorporation of social shares and social media marketing in the inbound marketing strategy is extremely helpful.

There are three key factors that decide the criticality of Social sharing which are – creation of good content, content sharing as well as social sharing of icons over the published content.

The simple mantra behind creating good content is that it should be appealing to its users. This means that anything that the readers enjoy reading. By doing this, more than half of the target will get achieved. But if the content has nothing significant to share, those icons will not get clicked by the readers.

Sharing the content is as important as writing a good and fresh content. However, it is highly likely that the content will be shared more by the writers themselves than any other SEO person. The person should become a thought leader in his/her own network by providing engaging and interesting content in their social networks to their followers.

inbound marketing 1

The content which is worth for sharing the social sharing icons should have a plug-in at the top of the page with the social sharing icons. The desired content for social icons should be predominant on that page to serve the desired purpose. Moreover, the content should be easy to share on the social platforms as only then it will be able to generate a good number of followers.

These icons can be kept over other places of the website wherever the most valuable content is found such as the Q & A page on the website or the resources page. Another social media platform that provides immense flexibility in generating options for the medium through which content will be shared or generate visitors to get engaged with the published content.

Another media, Twitter, has a Tweet button that is capable of adding the username that is used to send many tweets simultaneously to increase the engagement. Sending multiple tweets create quick responses for the username along with huge sharing of the link to the article.

For increasing popularity in the business network, LinkedIn is the ideal platform in addition to being simple and fairly straightforward.

Another platform, Google+ has three different options for incorporating social sharing icons; however, the development platform is a bit complicated. Pinterest, one of the most preferred Social Bookmarking site, has the widest range of options for the look of the social buttons and also for embedding the pin boards which is ideal for any B2C business.

Looking at all this, it can be concluded that social sharing forms one of the most vital ingredients of SMM strategy with an immense contribution to the overall activity of Inbound Marketing.   


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