With the growing number of smartphone users, the digital agencies have started developing mobile-friendly websites that should process easily over the mobile phones. But nowadays, smartphones have also made the market saturated and it is to that extent that the emerging mobile market it has attained a maturity level just within five years.

Now, more than half the web traffic has started arriving from responsive websites. The ‘Mobile First’ approach has been acquired by the companies have lured the customers so much that currently, mobile marketing is accountable for more than a third of the overall internet ad space.

Two biggies in the online marketing industry – Google and Facebook are ruling the online advertisements market. With Google leading in the race, its PPC ads through Google Adwords has shown up the collection of $30 million whereas if someone chooses Facebook PPC then it may not be a wrong choice as Facebook is trailing Google registering a bashing 59% YoY growth generating a worth of $8 million for the company.

The other players are not able to stand out in the market with a collective revenue growth of 13% all the year round. The beauty is that these marketing companies have already generated a high user data to which they just need to send the marketing messages or ads available on the other sites to be bought through Facebook.

online marketing

The only worry right now these giants have is whether this user data is valuable as it is the targeted user database which will generate potential buying leads for the companies who are flashing their advertisements over these platforms.

But at this time when mobile companies are experiencing a rapid growth, simultaneously the adblocking over mobile phones have also shot up rapidly but it is more over desktops than mobile phones. But since last year, mobile adblocking has also shown a sharp rise adding up 200 million users more blocking advertisements over their mobiles.

With an exception to the retail industry in which both small and mid-sized companies are moving on to the e-commerce platforms rest everyone else is looking ahead towards publishing their ads over social media platforms or search engines. Also, mobiles are offering the option of photo shares which the consumers are not going to find on the web.

Messengers have actually turned up the value of the mobile market. Other than messengers, there are social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The biggest challenge these platforms face nowadays is to have a high monetary value. But how it is being done will be a big headache for the marketers. However, it has been evaluated that the messaging service is more beneficial for B2C companies as compared to B2B organizations.

Online video is another option one can consider for effective marketing of the products and services which the companies want to sell to the mass market.

It is just that the online marketing companies are not able to decide which medium to go for?


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