It is always worth investing time in promotional activities and marketing strategies. But how these business promotion activities are going to be fruitful for them that almost depends on the mode chosen for promotion, offline or online.

If any company promotes its products offline through traditional marketing, that is brochures, inserts, flyers and so on. Two kinds of activities – ATL (Above the line) and BTL (Below the line) in marketing strategies may ensure long-term success but also incurs a huge amount of cost. Because of the market size and accessibility of the internet, many businesses are going for online promotional activities.

A huge market is sure to get more customers and turns the business profitable. With this belief, many companies are going ahead with online web marketing as the mode of their promotion to outreach a huge number of audience in a limited amount of time that is cost-effective and promises huge turnouts to company’s websites.

First of all, the expectations anyone has from the promotion of any kind of product need to be very clear in the mind of the owner or promoters of the company. Promoting any brand will majorly give four types of results

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Furnishing appropriate information
  • High website traffic
  • Huge sales and profit

The offline branding involving television, radio, shopping outlets, billboards, magazines, and social media till now has been the most reliable player for the business people in the market which used to provide valuable results but once the businesses have switched to the online mode of selling they started believing that if good amount of visitors are landing on the website they will get good business.

online web marketing

For generating good leads there are actually multiple drivers in the business. First of all, the right market segmentation needs to be defined for the right target group. After that, one needs to define the positioning statement for its business unless the business is a start-up. Once that is also done, the company need to market its products or services either on various e-commerce platforms or over search engines for rapidly selling the commodities which they are offering to get the right amount of revenue.

Once all this is done, few of the companies do start their offline promotion campaigns to attract e-customers and largely sell their commodities both ways. For promotional and marketing activities the brand’s message should reach to its target audience in a loud and clear manner such that there will be no confusion in the mind of the buyer while buying any commodity which will spread a positive word of mouth for the business and its seekers.

A right media tool again is very important for generating leads for the business whether it is in B2B or B2C. Without leads, sales will not happen and then revenue will also be out of the question. Beyond television, radio, and print there are other media as well that are need to be considered for such activities.


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