If we ignore the prefix in the above two terms it’s actually a competition between business and commerce. What’s the difference? Commerce is simply trading or exchange of goods and services. Business is more money-related. Then what is the role of suffix ‘e’?

Both services needs an integrated package of business activities and financial accounting. This is the job of ‘Analyst’. It automates operation and accounting both.

E-business provides all the support tasks for business activities. It applies information and communication technologies. However, e-commerce renders external actions of any kind of businesses. E-business solutions are used for linking the external with internal data processing systems. It is very efficient and flexible process. It also satisfies their needs and expectations better.

Also offers a complete solution for business making it almost paperless. An e-ERP system for large scale enterprises with .NET technologies has been built.

E-commerce focuses on ICT. It enables outside activities and relationships with individuals and other businesses. But e-business does it differently. It has a strategic focus with an emphasis over similar functions employing electronic capabilities.

e comm or e buss

E-commerce adds revenue streams using internet. This makes strong relationships with clients and other partners. It also amends the efficiencies delivered by Empty Vessel strategy. It’s a pure application of knowledge management systems. It caters multiple processes. It includes buying, transferring, information via computer networks or exchanging products and services.

Many perspectives like business process, service, learning, collaborative, community benefits e-commerce venture. In contrast, e-business asks for multi faceted skills and experience for deploying and design limitless solutions for different businesses. The work starts from ground-up development till integration via customization.

E-business solutions start with customization of design, development, customization and integration in relation to client’s business and legacy applications. Fool-proof manner to deliver this technology involves knowledge of variety of business domains. This is an essential skill that works towards creating advanced and value-added remedies.

Truly speaking, e-commerce clearly proved to be a subset of e-business. These solutions centralize over Web personalization services, Web storefront solutions, Payment Integration and related services, Web enablement of legacy applications, Online reporting and workflow solutions, Private label sites, Information / services portals and Internationalization / localization.

To elaborate more, e-business is just like apart from selling books one also knows how many books have been sold, to whom and what’s next? The more e-business will perform the more integrated it gets. Straightforward assembly and configuration of off-the-shelf components replace custom integration code.

The next question arising states ‘why does any business require e-business?’ Simple! To achieve real-time or nearly real-time update and quick batch integration easily rather than ‘roll-your-own’ approach.


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