Business simply means ‘Give and Take’. But unfortunately there are many givers and buyers in market. Thus to nurture long-term profit businesses need to have a long-term relation with their regular buyers. That’s what makes products sell! Just creating a Social Media page on Facebook and Twitter will not help.

Actually these are the pages which will amplify the upcoming days of the business. But there’s no need to rely on that completely. This should not be the only marketing tool. One needs to be very-very active in marketing and promotion of the products and services.

This needs continuous monitoring of Facebook and Twitter account, nurturing long-term relationship with clients socially and more.

There are many online tools available that monitors and manage, not just one, but many Social Media Accounts available on web. Simply measuring the growth of social presence and click through rate of the social messages is not enough.

One needs to know the right social network that is referring the traffic and out of that what’s getting converted. Having a conversion goal is of prime importance! What’s working, what’s not working, one needs to have a complete idea of that. What is that goal actually doesn’t matter!


Google Analytics is a very important measuring tool. Apart from general traffic and social media activities there are other parameters as well. This includes UTM parameters that tags the links built up through various means.

It is used to gauge the effectiveness of the social campaigns and best practices to drive more visitors.

Analytics also plays a crucial role in goal tracking that how well each page converts. One needs to identify the right traffic source for this. Identifying what converts best! Best part is, it’s absolutely free.

Another free alternative in competition with Google Analytics is Twitter Analytics. One can trace the progress of tweets, follower growth and Twitter cards usage. The tweet activity clearly indicates impressions, engagement, link clicks, retweets and more. Pinterest again has a similar tool.

Tweet Binder is another free tool of Twitter. Get it through quick search by clicking #SEMrushchat. This is again free but for limited period of 5 days.

BuzzSumo is another useful for content analysis, influencer research and gathering content ideas.

The paid tools include Cyfe, Mention, Sprout Social, Brandwatch, SumAll, Buffer and HootSuite.

What the expectations should be

Any business cannot keep Social Media Management Services as the only marketing tool. One should always keep hunting for various Social Media Marketing strategies and its best practices. Once the deal is signed, an agreement should be signed between the agency and the client with desired action points.


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