Is Social Sharing Worth to Boost the Effectiveness of Inbound Marketing?

Web promotion or Inbound marketing has become a challenge these days because of the frequent changes executed in the most popular search engine ‘Google’. ‘Humming Bird’ has recently been rolled out by Google to looking forward to assessing the content quality through social shares. This becomes a strong reason for raising SERPs of a particular website.

Hence for a better optimization, incorporation of social shares and social media marketing in the inbound marketing strategy is extremely helpful.

There are three key factors that decide the criticality of Social sharing which are – creation of good content, content sharing as well as social sharing of icons over the published content.

The simple mantra behind creating good content is that it should be appealing to its users. This means that anything that the readers enjoy reading. By doing this, more than half of the target will get achieved. But if the content has nothing significant to share, those icons will not get clicked by the readers.

Sharing the content is as important as writing a good and fresh content. However, it is highly likely that the content will be shared more by the writers themselves than any other SEO person. The person should become a thought leader in his/her own network by providing engaging and interesting content in their social networks to their followers.

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The content which is worth for sharing the social sharing icons should have a plug-in at the top of the page with the social sharing icons. The desired content for social icons should be predominant on that page to serve the desired purpose. Moreover, the content should be easy to share on the social platforms as only then it will be able to generate a good number of followers.

These icons can be kept over other places of the website wherever the most valuable content is found such as the Q & A page on the website or the resources page. Another social media platform that provides immense flexibility in generating options for the medium through which content will be shared or generate visitors to get engaged with the published content.

Another media, Twitter, has a Tweet button that is capable of adding the username that is used to send many tweets simultaneously to increase the engagement. Sending multiple tweets create quick responses for the username along with huge sharing of the link to the article.

For increasing popularity in the business network, LinkedIn is the ideal platform in addition to being simple and fairly straightforward.

Another platform, Google+ has three different options for incorporating social sharing icons; however, the development platform is a bit complicated. Pinterest, one of the most preferred Social Bookmarking site, has the widest range of options for the look of the social buttons and also for embedding the pin boards which is ideal for any B2C business.

Looking at all this, it can be concluded that social sharing forms one of the most vital ingredients of SMM strategy with an immense contribution to the overall activity of Inbound Marketing.   


Why is Digital Marketing Suitable for all Types of Business Needs?

Though Digital Marketing is a broad term in itself but includes different services with individual weight, hence, just by conveying that the ‘company is working on Digital marketing strategies’ is not enough as services in different categories such as content marketing, estimated as 20.3% which is equivalent to another service as big data, marketing automation, mobile marketing, social media marketing, conversion rate optimisation, internet of things, search engine optimisation, paid search , and others.

The technical details behind every service start with big data that covers market with customer insight and predictive analytics moving on to content marketing communities with branded niche or vertical communities, conversion rate optimisation with improvement in website experience, display banners on publishers, ad networks social media including retargeting and programmatic, Internet of Things used for marketing applications, marketing automation that includes customer relationship manager (CRM), behavioral e-mail marketing and web personalization, mobile marketing that involves mobile advertising, site development and applications, paid search marketing such as Google Adwords, pay per click etc with online PR including influencer outreach, partnerships with affiliate and co-marketing along with search engine optimisation generating organic search, and social media marketing that includes social media optimization and campaigns.

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The trends in content marketing can be very well explained by studying the relationship of content sophistication and time. The journey starts with the creation of web pages that forms the foundation of digital content marketing moving on to the rich content that includes video, infographics, responsive web, and HTML5.

Stepping further to personalisation the content will be substituted dynamically based on the profile of visitor. Once the profile gets registered, the next and final stage that comes will be marketing apps that include interactive experiences with programmatic flow and logic.

Big Data throws light on market and customer insight that does predictive analysis of the increase in volume, real-time data and data formats at increasing rate. The third-factor marketing automation is generally rated on the terms of usage. It starts with level zero where the person is not using marketing automation to undergo Market analysis which constitutes 18% of all Digital Marketing Agencies.

With level one that is a basic level, when not much of the marketing components will be used for this purpose which forms 18% of the features.

Level II gives a moderate level that uses core features of automation.

When moving on to level III the agency reaches an intermediate level constituting 23% of the features that need to build capabilities. When the level of automation achieves a ‘good’ status it means that the Digital Marketing Agency uses the majority of features but the only need is to optimize them. Once these features will be optimized the agencies will start achieving best results by achieving a high level of automation.

With all the other Digital experiences including integrated planning, multi-channel analytics and e-mail marketing on mobile, desktop and in-store the Digital Marketing trends will flourish for the upcoming years.

Why Should Companies go for Mobile App Development?

The usage of mobiles has been popularised among masses, as, through this media they are exercising not only calling facilities but messaging, social networking, games, e-commerce, bank exchanges and much more, which was not possible earlier with the static media that is a landline.

Many activities which the person can just imagine have been made possible with mobile phones. Mobiles are just like the other instruments that are used to make a person’s life simple and easy.

The Mobile Application Development Agencies have to be an answer for every problem in relation to operating systems such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows telephone located at one place with average expenses. The services through mobiles can be sub-divided into two sub-parts via Mobile web and Mobile apps. Generally, these two combined arrangements are going to give services like mobile web development, mobile app development, mobile marketing services, and mobile UI/UX.

Before outsourcing any agency the companies might think to hire mobile app developers as they will be easy to approach and deliver fast & quality work that will give great outcomes. Any agency will get shortlisted by the following criteria that move around work experience, 24 × 7 communication, focus on quality, have a security check, comprehends the venture requirements well and flexible in approach.

app develop

The agencies which are outsourced are always checked for their authenticity, success rate and quality of service they provide. After qualifying this stage the companies start building up connections between suppliers and manufacturers. By developing mutual compatibility, the client will have the opportunity to convey the significant changes that should be implemented as and when required.

The agencies should take utmost care of coding while developing the mobile applications. They should give consideration to the nature of codes while developing the app. They should insert a quality code that guarantees protection and healthy working conditions of the mobile app.

Also, any kind of association with the mobile application development requires security as well. It might include some data that can’t be permitted to outsiders. This calls for programming security or mobile app security services.

The agencies should be utmost clear about the objectives behind launching any app and the purpose that is going to be solved, knowing which; the agencies should quote their expenses. A financial plan also needs to be shared by the company to the agencies. This will help them in estimating their budget which they need to spend on the mobile app. Hence the entire project can be completed at a defined cost.

What Purpose Do E-Commerce Development Companies Serve?

A dedicated e-commerce development company forms the foundation of the websites involved in the profitability of the business. As per the standard features and functioning of completely customizable portal and tailored solution that combines the online brand and e-commerce goals.

It includes optimisation of mobile & tablet, accepting e-transaction payments, advanced SEO & Marketing tools, easy management of content & inventory, customised search options, optimising checkouts, live shipping rates, promotions & discounts, google analytics integration, professional custom design, lifetime support & much more.

A customised e-commerce site is bound to serve the individual needs of the business. The designing of such online store will defines the level of your future profits. Basically the motive is to create the ultimate shopping cart in the future market. Any visitor will visit the e-commerce site which provides productive solutions through which e-commerce websites become effective regardless of the niche. The online stores will start getting profits once the website gets complete. In case of any assistance required from IT professionals.

Once the job is finished the client should be able to take full control of your website, upload information about your products, track customer activity, update customer information, get secure payments, use online marketing and increase your profits. When the company talks about commitment and desire they think of providing e-commerce solutions through experience and expertise to complete it successfully. These solutions include robust eCommerce strategy and consulting evaluating business goals and customized e-business strategies. Effective eCommerce designing used to build user interface design enhancing online sales, brand loyalty and consumer engagement.

e comm develop

E-commerce technology is designed to provide customized and affordable shopping cart solutions along with online internet marketing services which will address every aspect of internet marketing. The main mantras of any e-commerce platform are innovation, creativity, quality and promptness. These platforms provide comprehensive online solutions which brings together website designs, development and e-commerce solutions that persuades the players who are active online to experience cohesive and seamlessly for resorting clients and potential clients.

The eCommerce web design agencies complete a project in four phases – scope, development, delivery and support. Scope covers design analysis, deciding technical specifications, project planning and client approval. Development includes coding, testing, fixation of bugs and client review. Delivery stage involves code transfer, warranty with the inclusion of bug fixation. Support stage provides maintenance and enhancements. However, the process of design companies starts with understanding of requirements, after that proposing a solution for freezing the scope of work, time and cost estimation.

After that initialize the project by developing wireframe designs with designing of key web pages, integration of theme with software programming, with quality testing that is presented to the client after revisions, amendments and approvals. After that content and product catalog will get deployed to the website and handed over to the client before going live. Once all phases get completed the annual maintenance contract will get started which will keep on renewing till the site persists.

Once all these things are done the promotional activities will get started that includes online marketing plan, SEO injection, page optimization, link building and social media setup.

Web Hosting Uptime Guarantee: Is It Worth Marketing?

Up-time guarantee is usually presented as a critical factor by the web hosters for promotion of reliability and up-time performance of the site. The guarantee confirms that the compensation should range within 99-100 percent up-time. Such guarantees take into account the margin of time a server is allowed to be down to finally pay out the level of compensation.

Under the web host’s up-time guarantee the website hosting is permitted to be offline for a certain amount of time that is accomplished either for 99 percent, 99.9 percent or even 99.99 percent.

For 99 percent the daily up-time will be 14 minutes 24 seconds, weekly it has to be 1 hour 40 minutes and 48 seconds, monthly it should be 7 hours 18 minutes and 17.5 seconds whereas yearly the time period is 3 days 15 hours 39 minutes and 29.5 seconds.

For 99.9 percent up-time the daily up-time is 1 minute 26.4 seconds, weekly up-time is 10 minutes 4.8 seconds, monthly up-time is 43 minutes 49.7 seconds, yearly up-time is 8 hours 45 minutes and 57 seconds.


For 99.99 percent the daily up-time required is 8.6 seconds, weekly up-time is 1 minute 5 seconds, monthly up-time is 4 minutes 23 seconds and yearly up-time is 52 minutes 35.7 seconds.

It might be expected that any web hosting service offering 99.99 percent up-time will maintain a downtime of 45 minutes per month where the web hosters keep up to the yearly average of 8 hours 45 minutes downtime guarantee.

But if the website is making money for the business, any amount of downtime is unacceptable to them. But being realistic, for a load balanced configuration of custom server the downtime in the website is unavoidable but it should not occur on regular basis and should not persist for a long amount of time.

Any of the providers would be looking for adapting 99.99 percent up-time because this is an affordable up-time within the range of $5 – $10 per month as per the website hosting plan whereas in case of an up-time of 99.9 percent he will receive a downtime just less than 45 minutes which is not being favoured by the web hosting facilities.

If the service provider is quite expensive such as VPS or dedicated, it is not going to work as for establishment of complete reliabilita load balanced server configuration like Digital ocean or Linode is required. It is also possible that a network issue at the data center might be responsible for causing downtime which can be taken over by syncing the website to another data center using a fail over Domain Name System.

The term ‘downtime’ is defined as the time duration during which the machine is not working. Website hosting providers should be aware of the factors that will be responsible for the up-time of the website. The two well-known hosting providers are A Small Orange and SiteGround.

In ‘Small Orange’ the guarantee is related to the shared web hosting but not to the Virtual Private Servers, cloud hosting, semi-dedicated or dedicated server packages whereas Siteground is not constrained to any particular plan such that the qualifiers would be Cloud or Dedicated hosting.

Next Generation Trends In The World Of Mobile Apps

In today’s date it will not be a surprise if anyone says that more than 70% of the business deals are closing over mobiles nowadays then it would not be a surprise as the mobile app technologies are continuously being upgraded since so many years with the hike in mobile users.

While designing the native mobile apps, Hybrid HTML 5 is gaining momentum in B2B as well as B2C business in the form of enterprise and consumer apps. Moving on to the boom IoT created, the companies like health care, payments, automotive and energy are looking forward to experiment with the mobile devices to create adoption of a wholesome Mobile Integration Platform that is being leveraged across India to modernise the back-end infrastructure to make the data available to all devices.

For the features presented in Mobile apps sky is the limit. There are undoubtedly endless possibilities to explore in Mobile apps but the most critical feature that the companies are scared from is their complexity. The three-stage development of mobile apps – create, integrate and roll out need high scale of work. But companies should not get along with the flow of technology instead should be aware of the usefulness of IoT to their business and how these programs can be integrated in the current digital strategy of the enterprise.

The popularity of devices like tablets have increased the demand of cross-platform mobile solutions that cause mobile workers to move back and forth amongst desktop environment and mobile devices. By the use of tablets the same powers are expected to be used with same power, aesthetics, task performance and management and huge amounts of data are visualised without an importance to the screen size.


Apart from the above, there are also plans to integrate mobile CRM with social platforms which can prove to be a boon to sales organisations to completely rely on digital technology like mobile applications for initiatives taken for the sales automation earlier than 2020 depending on the unforeseen rate of adoption and focused approach to mobile/wearable technology.

With IoT getting implemented the companies need to search for elegant solutions to envision bulk of complex data which includes the evaluation of the incoming data from the connected devices with multiple nested dashboards which permits quick decision-making in tactical situations that require real time action to strategic analysis and reporting that confirms exact insight into competitiveness and viability.

Keeping in view, one or the other areas in Mobile app development various software’s are launched in the market which might have fewer outcomes but with robust and elite quality platforms. The  mobility of the enterprise is composite as it covers every stage from integration till deployment of the app management and security that results in development of new application and architecture, technology and methods. The mobile application platforms supporting the development of app life cycle provide a mutual set of services through mobile-backend-as-a-service that is positioned well in place to attain market mind-share.

What Contributes Towards Best Seo Services?

The most critical factor and the latest mantra in the domain of SEO is ‘change’ and the search engine that works as a game changer for the same is Google. It has been recently reported that Google has changed its search algorithm 500-600 times every year. These changes can be categorised as major and minor updates. While there have been minor updates are not being picked up on daily basis by users and SEO, there were also nine major updates to algorithms that have been reported in the past two years.

The two major updates done recently to the algorithms were witnessed in September for the year 2016 are Possum and Penguin 4.0. These updates agitated the whole community of SEO.

The name ‘Possum’ was suggested by Phil Rozek as many business owners thought that their business listing on Google is ruined, however, it’s not. The listings were only filtered. Hence it was inferred that they are playing ‘possum’. However, the major impact of these updates were seen over 3-pack and local finder. Right after this, another major impact hit organic results.

The main motive behind such major hiccups in algorithms might be the need of diversification in local results or avoiding spam from ranking. After going through dozens of ranking reports, it can be concluded that this is the biggest major update after Pigeon in 2014. This major change includes the change in Google’s filter applying to local results.

The first factor that played a major role in spiking the rank of businesses is based on the location such that if the enterprises falling on the external city limits witnessed a sharp rise in the ranking. Filtration also happened on the basis of address and affiliation. Initially, this filtering was happening for similar phone numbers as well as domains. All this can be easily understood by a simple example that if any business has segregated listings for individual practitioners and the practice itself. Profiles might be different but they will be linking to the same website and same phone number. Out of these plenty, only one or two will show up in the SERPs and rest would be filtered.


This is a sensible action as the duplicate content is organically filtered by Google automatically as the duplicacy tend to show tons of results to its users instead of only showing what is good for them for best SEO services. Due to the alteration in the basis of filtration the Google rankings got topsy turvy.

This update has also given importance to the physical location of the searcher. The search results should show the listing of the businesses which are closeby such that the keyword ranking will prove worthwhile both for the enterprise and the user. Hence it is very much critical that the searcher location is set on the right city while tracking the ranking.

Earlier Google used to filter out the websites organically that had a negative impact on the ranking but in case if the company has multiple sites, one or the other site might get filtered in the search results. If that site is filtered which included the local listing it may have a negative impact on the business. This is historically termed as ‘Tank ranking’.

Hence if there are two sites with a slight difference in the different versions of the website ten Google will not index both versions making the local filter and organic filter less connected with each other.

Web Design Studio – Latest UI/UX Trends

The latest trend in Web Designing is Motion User Interface that includes the usage of Saas library. The motive of this feature is creating animations and CSS transitions. It is a challenge to conduct an app’s transitions with pre-defined motions. Generally it is accomplished by introducing Motion UI. It has become one of the most favourable medium for collaborating prototypical animated elements smoothly into websites.

There is a new dimension to the responsive characteristic of the website. Now, it is not only restricted to Mobile apps but works on plenty of devices and gadegts such as Apple watch, Google Glass and Oculus Rift. Semantic UI is another novice framework with an upgraded version whose demand will grow.

If we talk other than websites, it is Mobile apps that will create a boom with an upgraded technology that involves IoT (Internet of Things), that too at a new level. By 2019, it has been estimated to grow with a CAGR of 31.72%. It is seemingly visible that more than 50% of IoT will happen by the start up companies.

The IoT functions by transferring the data from internet to the other smart objects. People must have heard about the adage ‘The more, The merrier’ Its use is completely justified in the case of IoT. For users to transmit the information better and control the functioning of their everyday gadgets a higher number of devices need to be connected to the network through which the web developers will deliver upgraded solutions for every query asked.


Every person has his or her own development environment in a Web Design Studio that is supported by a robust text editor program VIM few years back but slowly and suttly people are switching themselves to the cloud based version of Integrated Development Environments as they are quick and approachable by the communities. The kick is that it is all time available for quickly testing the bootstrap code without conducting downloads.

The add-on of full screen navigation to the web page is mainly done for mobile devices. This will prove very useful for the users to repond to Call-To-Action (CTA) features such as registration forms, enquiry forms, call to contact etc. which seems very easy in full screen for form filling.

Nowadays, a thorough framework is used to impart responsiveness to the creation of the web app with the help of which the developer can quickly go for coding unique to a particular application. This is a well-structured responsive front-end framework.

Right now it is considered that if apps are not working in real time then flexibility in usage of apps is not fulfilling the purpose. Real time analytics is steadily being considered as a critical feature of desktops to mobile apps. On the same lines, there are few apps such as Periscope and Meerkat, that will enable live streaming on various Social Media sites. One of the other real time services available in the market is

The standard User experience are going to come up in the form of bots. An account named as Slackbot account is used for this purpose.

Multimedia Guide: An Offsite Or Onsite Portable Guide

Mainly used for the content in relation to a museum, an exhibition or a collection, a handheld device that displays multimedia (audio & video) is known as Multimedia guide. It is sometimes used primarily for tourism domain or as replacement to audio-only portable guides. Now the question arises that why multimedia has become a popular medium to convey the ideas?

The answer lies in the great user experience that one perceives after studying the multimedia guide for related purpose.  The guide amalgamates features of a traditional audio guides with new technologies and apps. Now the presentations will not be static any more but rather be interactive. They will include multimedia functions, multilingual content, videos, images, digital animations and audio commentaries. A perfect storytelling experience.

To exhibit a good quality  these guides have an excellent production of audio, videos, images, text, illustrations, graphics and 3D contents. For best experience a rich and miscellaneous content should be introduced. It is an easy and flexible instrument to be used for people of all age groups. To experience the multi-functionality of this guide the user utilizes the built-in speakers or external earphones.

Now even the automobile companies are using multimedia features to polish the driving experience of the car driver. A voice detection system can be installed that catches voice by intuition that forms driver’s connection with the optional parking camera by dictating the contact or address. Also there are multimedia-based devices that collects the best possible real-time traffic updates and estimate the total driving time to suggest the best route to go from.


Time to time safety warnings, local features of related areas and weather forecasts are other features that should be added to the multimedia guide for well connected navigation. Also there are other features that can be introduced other than these are voice control along with eco function feature to lower down fuel consumption. Multimedia guide also has power to check the compatibility of operations and acoustic of the telephone system.

An improvement has been suggested for digital radio without the need to change the stereo. Multimedia also contributes to personally connect to the music player and control its features with fingertips. To reduce accident risks hands-free system has been devised for telephones but doesn’t involve in risk elimination with automatic alerts by the same about the traffic conditions.

File transfers are happening either through the memory card of the pocket computer and thus possess a static nature or via wireless local area network for permanent updates of the data/information. The network range has to be between 30 and 100 meters with content sharing through CMS. With the menu control on the device automatic positioning is achieved through signal transmitters such as radio or infrared whereas in the semi-automatic system the data is beind uploaded through light signal. The user will point those areas which are maximum. The induction loop placement is another way to find  visitor location which are exclusively placed on exposed points in the ground.

Recent Explorations In E-Commerce Solutions

It was realised 40 years back that life without e-commerce will be struggling as working and aged population find it hard to survive for as they are busy earning their living and working passionately for their growth. With this approach, people adapted the new idea of online market that made their life easy through convenience, safety and user experience. But this innovation of introduction of electronic media in buying and selling of goods was initially not found user-friendly as people found it uncomprehendible, complicated and an inconvenience.

The past two decades have witnessed the immense use of internet in B2B commercial transactions since since the spread of internet and household broadband penetration was not strong at that time. But soon it took-off mainly interfacing those consumers who are looking for products that are not locally available. These people also want to enjoy the privilege and comfort of home delivery.

With this advent, a boom has been created for new and small businesses to enhance productivity. The e-commerce soutions were readily available for retail sector, distributional channels, retail logistics and other segments that directly affects retailers, importers and suppliers.

Since the time e-commerce has been introduced, it has reported more than double growth rate till five years and projected to report a growth rate of 15%. However, since the internet popularity has grown, retailing through internet has grown from 2.7% to 5.8 % in the period of five years and forecasted to reach 8.9% in the next five-year span.


One biggest achievement of online trading is that it has become easy to trade across borders that involves buying commodities from the merchants who is situated outside the home country. The concentration of population will vary from buyer to buyer with statistics showing a high of 90% canadians simultaneously with 59% japanese. The international markets were very active as exporters with the top three countries being US, China and the UK.

Recently, lot of online platforms have come up for B2C application but it comes up with the limitation that every  so-called retailer is utilizing a web storefront due to which the market got flooded with the retailers who have a conventional retail establishments like Walmart and Tesco, and fashion brands such as Armani and Zara. The beauty is that the companies who are transforming their business from physical stores to online marketplace are adopting the concept of O2O e-commerce that involves taking up of the synergy to a maximum amongst two channels. Although few companies like Apple are doing reverse that is switching from online retailing to physical stores to generate multisensory consumer experiences, better logistics and consumer service offerings, and build brand relationships.

There are two types of online market platforms – one who want sellers to deposit security and charge a total fee with fixed as well as variable components based on real transactions and the other started by the companies and brands itself to have a wholesome control and preservation of the brand identity.

But if either kind of companies face problems either due to lack of resources or reputation then its their responsibility to take up an e-commerce solution for the same.