All That Needed for Web Designing Services

For any kind of services asked by the companies, they always keep their target customers in centre. Hence a website designer must also understand the purpose for designing the website – be it a B2B website or consumer-oriented website like retail or entertainment. Simultaneously care should be taken for the aesthetics of the site that it should not overshadow content accuracy and ease of web navigation.

A user experience for the Website design services depends on the understanding of the content that in turn depends on how the website works. UX relates to layout, clear instructions and labelling on a website. It also counts on interactive design of the site. If any user found the website useful then it is highly likely that the users will be engaged at the site for a long time.

The website will become interactive by the use of plug-ins or advanced coding language. HTML-table-based layouts and grid-based design need to be used in layout design principle and coding technique. However, the screen reading devices and varying window sizes cannot be controlled by designers. Responsive Web Design is based on CSS3.


Website typeface is another kind of tool that can either be used in huge numbers or can limit to a few with similar styles. As far as Motion Graphics is concerned, their choice depends on target market. It creates a marked difference between effective and distracting visuals. If the site visitor doesn’t initiate these graphics then accessibility issues can be produced.

There are specifications for designing every website. If these standards are not met, they will become prone to errors. Correct layout of pages and closing the coded elements are few of the characteristics that should be included in specifications. A badly coded page is generally referred to as Tag Soup. For such errors a DOCTYPE declaration is made that highlights errors in the code.


How Social Media Management Services nurture Business?

Business simply means ‘Give and Take’. But unfortunately there are many givers and buyers in market. Thus to nurture long-term profit businesses need to have a long-term relation with their regular buyers. That’s what makes products sell! Just creating a Social Media page on Facebook and Twitter will not help.

Actually these are the pages which will amplify the upcoming days of the business. But there’s no need to rely on that completely. This should not be the only marketing tool. One needs to be very-very active in marketing and promotion of the products and services.

This needs continuous monitoring of Facebook and Twitter account, nurturing long-term relationship with clients socially and more.

There are many online tools available that monitors and manage, not just one, but many Social Media Accounts available on web. Simply measuring the growth of social presence and click through rate of the social messages is not enough.

One needs to know the right social network that is referring the traffic and out of that what’s getting converted. Having a conversion goal is of prime importance! What’s working, what’s not working, one needs to have a complete idea of that. What is that goal actually doesn’t matter!


Google Analytics is a very important measuring tool. Apart from general traffic and social media activities there are other parameters as well. This includes UTM parameters that tags the links built up through various means.

It is used to gauge the effectiveness of the social campaigns and best practices to drive more visitors.

Analytics also plays a crucial role in goal tracking that how well each page converts. One needs to identify the right traffic source for this. Identifying what converts best! Best part is, it’s absolutely free.

Another free alternative in competition with Google Analytics is Twitter Analytics. One can trace the progress of tweets, follower growth and Twitter cards usage. The tweet activity clearly indicates impressions, engagement, link clicks, retweets and more. Pinterest again has a similar tool.

Tweet Binder is another free tool of Twitter. Get it through quick search by clicking #SEMrushchat. This is again free but for limited period of 5 days.

BuzzSumo is another useful for content analysis, influencer research and gathering content ideas.

The paid tools include Cyfe, Mention, Sprout Social, Brandwatch, SumAll, Buffer and HootSuite.

What the expectations should be

Any business cannot keep Social Media Management Services as the only marketing tool. One should always keep hunting for various Social Media Marketing strategies and its best practices. Once the deal is signed, an agreement should be signed between the agency and the client with desired action points.

What Value Demo Videos Add Up To The Websites?

Videos get words into actions! It has the potential to bring thoughts into reality. Along with amazing user experience it also brings astonishing marketing benefits. Answering how, it enhances visibility, improves user engagement and high usability.

People believe that it’s the fastest tool to convey the idea. People get to know the subject of the video in just few minutes. In this fast world, time is money! People are more time conscious than money conscious these days.

With videos the website owners have a privilege to articulate their message their own way. That too in a short time span. They find it better than static screenshots or readable text. People would be able to memorize the same in visual as well as audible form.

A lively and stunning experience through videos creates long-lasting memories. Target audience will be able to understand the points better. But sometimes highlighting very small details can also jumble up the audience experience and prove harmful.

The videos should be comprehendible. The video should be so effective that causes the users to navigate the video further. It should be efficient. But with growing number of platforms with content in the form of videos the competition is tough.


The success of the video among masses shows up the emotions behind its creation. This might eventually lead to considerable downloads making it successful. In this sense, demo videos’ success rate would be indefinite.

It is so flexible that any kind of digital tool be it screenshots, app icon or video captures can be incorporated in that. It will also make users aware before-hand about the product. Showing real-life experience in the video will help them make buying decision.

Viewers can themselves assess the quality of the video through the interactions happened. With special effects in demo videos like great visuals and voice over and music, the audience will emotionally connect better. Simultaneously being curious! Remember again…again…!

Demo videos generally cater to three major purposes – products, advertisements or process. Surprisingly they align with SEO activity as well. YouTube, no doubt, is one of the large video platforms ranking high in search results. Introducing certain keywords with the video on YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion & others will expand its visibility amongst viewers.

A demo video for website is easiest to share and embed in websites. Any viewer accessing online newspapers, articles etc. will get to access quality content on your video if linked properly. If embedded properly, the fear of duplicity. Once video downloading happens, the job is done.


Who’s The Parent – E-Business or E-Commerce?

If we ignore the prefix in the above two terms it’s actually a competition between business and commerce. What’s the difference? Commerce is simply trading or exchange of goods and services. Business is more money-related. Then what is the role of suffix ‘e’?

Both services needs an integrated package of business activities and financial accounting. This is the job of ‘Analyst’. It automates operation and accounting both.

E-business provides all the support tasks for business activities. It applies information and communication technologies. However, e-commerce renders external actions of any kind of businesses. E-business solutions are used for linking the external with internal data processing systems. It is very efficient and flexible process. It also satisfies their needs and expectations better.

Also offers a complete solution for business making it almost paperless. An e-ERP system for large scale enterprises with .NET technologies has been built.

E-commerce focuses on ICT. It enables outside activities and relationships with individuals and other businesses. But e-business does it differently. It has a strategic focus with an emphasis over similar functions employing electronic capabilities.

e comm or e buss

E-commerce adds revenue streams using internet. This makes strong relationships with clients and other partners. It also amends the efficiencies delivered by Empty Vessel strategy. It’s a pure application of knowledge management systems. It caters multiple processes. It includes buying, transferring, information via computer networks or exchanging products and services.

Many perspectives like business process, service, learning, collaborative, community benefits e-commerce venture. In contrast, e-business asks for multi faceted skills and experience for deploying and design limitless solutions for different businesses. The work starts from ground-up development till integration via customization.

E-business solutions start with customization of design, development, customization and integration in relation to client’s business and legacy applications. Fool-proof manner to deliver this technology involves knowledge of variety of business domains. This is an essential skill that works towards creating advanced and value-added remedies.

Truly speaking, e-commerce clearly proved to be a subset of e-business. These solutions centralize over Web personalization services, Web storefront solutions, Payment Integration and related services, Web enablement of legacy applications, Online reporting and workflow solutions, Private label sites, Information / services portals and Internationalization / localization.

To elaborate more, e-business is just like apart from selling books one also knows how many books have been sold, to whom and what’s next? The more e-business will perform the more integrated it gets. Straightforward assembly and configuration of off-the-shelf components replace custom integration code.

The next question arising states ‘why does any business require e-business?’ Simple! To achieve real-time or nearly real-time update and quick batch integration easily rather than ‘roll-your-own’ approach.

Professional SEO Services – Is it possible for an IT Solutions Company?

Any company that deals with providing IT Solutions would also affirm the customers to deal with SEO services. Before starting with the SEO services any company should be well-versed with client’s business genre, its business location, its target consumers along with their suppliers and traders.

The main objective of the service provider is to be aware of their business functionality and how the business operates. This will help the services to be result-oriented and sales driven. The objective of this service is not only to get the website ranking on top but also to improve sales of the respective through it.

The head-start to all this would be given by knowing the current traffic of the client’s website. With Google analytics tool, the data moving around this traffic will also be generated. This gives an idea about the present content, number of visitors, existing customers and referrers. It keeps a continuous tap over how a visitor arrives at your website.

The notes and calculations will continuously be recorded. The time they spent on different sub-pages is useful to design strategy. This will help detect potential problems and their respective solutions. Once a robust SEO strategy will be designed it should take the site on top of Google’s first page amongst all SERPs.

seo services for it.jpg

A faulty optimization would possibly lead to permanent blocking of the website on Google. Hence, one needs to conduct an in-depth research on keywords. With right traffic being targeted, potential leads will increase over the platform.

But the fact is that the keyword analysis will remain incomplete without competitors’ benchmarking. This will give a realistic output of the client’s current position in the market. In the online industry, a complete SWOT analysis is essential to get the clients on top. Apart from the technical aspects, the marketing agenda also needs to be taken care of.

To place the client’s website on optimal location its site should be full of useful knowledge and data collected through the research process. This will improve the site activity in terms of issues with content, repetition of keywords, distinction, language used, creative Phrases, internal linking and page bouncing, landing pages, keyword usage (title, H1, alternative, etc.), technical review, cache and indexing, mapping and embedding and web solutions.

Any professional SEO service company would follow the above approach to deliver the expectations of their client. There should be a strong association between clients and agency from an initial analysis of the website to the final launch of the project.

B2C Content Marketing – What Is The Key Role?

Every B2C company is a consumer brand. One needs to have a thorough understanding of the target consumers, their maturity level and the how to approach them. Studies reveal that the end users are segmented into sophisticated, mature, adolescent, young and first users. The segmentation has been 6%, 24%, 32%, 22% and 14% respectively.

The changes in organization’s management may lead to drastic variation in the content structure. The break-up of the B2C Content Marketing structure is quite critical.

It starts with centralized content marketing group referring to multiple brands/product lines throughout the organization. Setting up of Content Marketing Team, a centralized group/individual teams get formed and small team serving entire organization. This small team will have highest contribution towards Content Marketing.

The idea is that this team should be very much aware of how the content marketing program will be structured. However, a great percentage of program’s success depends upon how qualitative and efficient the content is. High-value and relevant content contributes maximum in marketing the content.

content marketing

But what audience want to see and what they are interested in requires rigorous thought process. Without a heedful content strategy, a large mass of audience can be approached in a short time span. This will make business profitable. Most of the companies have now realized the importance of Content Marketing in business. They took it up as priority!

The distribution of content over various social platforms as well as sites also needs planning. For effective distribution one needs to segment the target audience efficiently. Also a thorough understanding of what works is required. One needs to figure out how much time need to be spent by their team on this service.

The success of the content also needs to be measured in terms of whether it is popular or growing among the right audience or not. The worth of the marketing program also increases with who does it. Here HR/Management of the company will play a big role. They will be responsible for selecting the right person for this job.

Sometimes it is not the content but the existing repute of the organization that diminishes the content marketing effort. The market is so saturated that organizations have lost somewhere in the competition. They don’t know how to move ahead. Hence, they are not clear what to market.

In previous years various organizations have undermined the importance of Content Marketing. Even if the Management is convinced about its power they find it challenging to find the right people to deliver results. Sometimes people lack the right approach and sometimes they demand more.

Many of the B2C Content Marketing is not even considered for certain projects. It’s very hard for them to quantify the success rate of their content.

Out-n-out it’s the combined effort of Management and Marketers to make their Content Marketing fruitful. Here’s what the current opinion Content Marketers have about the industry.

It is one of the very critical components of the organization. Also delivers exceptional experience to the right audience for lead generation, highly focused on quick delivery of long-term leads, promise realistic results, values creativity and thought process and flexible in strategy.

But the fact is, it also takes time in showing up results!

App design companies often wonder ‘How to define a better Mobile App?

Many companies are in the favour of designing the mobile friendly websites. They are supposed to be cost-effective. However, companies are reluctant for designing a mobile app as they are expensive. They need a justification for the amount of money they spent on the app.

What decides that the app is good? It is obvious that mobiles have smaller screens. For such screens and small attention span, the UI design should be as per the speed of thought. The interface should be user-friendly. This design type has certain rules.

The design should be goal-driven. If companies target the right consumers, right user persona can be caught up. The app workflow should be consistent with the user’s expectations. The workflow creates the perception for the usability of the app. This feature is significant to make customers download the app.

To identify the UI elements of any app quickly and correctly use of signifiers is a must. But what if signifiers don’t hint at right affordance! It’s nothing but alignment issue of signifier with affordance.

The user interface needs to be so comfortable that people should be aware of how to use an interface. This mainly depends on the design pattern. Should be little familiar to users!

Apart from screen size, the constraints are not much in mobile apps. Though by default users tend to become a constraint! Hence it is very important to be aware of your users. There are three primary tactics for the same – persona, user scenarios and experience maps.

mobile app design

Any fictitious character that aligns with the expected behaviour of the users develops the persona. This will influence user’s decision within the app. The action of the persona can be predicted by the user scenarios. It’s the persona that is charted by experience maps. These are important tools to comprehend emotions and circumstances surrounding those steps.

But one needs to make sure of testing the usability between each execution step. To grade the UX design the content along with the user flow needs to be mapped out. To achieve the same design and research work goes in parallel. Prototyping can be simply done on paper. This clearly defines the flow of information between content and action.

Concept outline will help achieve the flow of the app comfortably. This will highlight the most critical part of the app – the content. Once the content is known the flow and the number of pages will automatically be set. Sketching out each page of the flow would then be easy.

More familiarity with Mobile patterns results in a better user interface. The common patterns might help develop the baseline. Prime motive is to create interest without losing out the concept!

These interaction design patterns have two categories – gestures and animations. Gestures defines touch device. Touch, swipe, double-tap, pinch and zoom – every gesture matters! Animations keep them trapped with the UI. Sliding out of sight and vanishing define two different contexts. Both combined with each other lay out another depth.

Start up Agencies: Do they appreciate Digital Marketing?

Do you know any start-up that doesn’t demand branding? There is no doubt that every start-up needs it! But is it worth recruiting any Digital Media Agency. Actually not! They need Digital experts. Those who can help them own a niche market. It will take them ahead of their competition establishing them as a thought leader in their specific market.

A positive brand impact is really hard to get established in this competitive and tough market. Hence the Digital experts to be hired should have a team of expert content writers that conveys right subject about the upcoming venture across multiple industries.

The Digi experts are sometimes looked up as Startup xperts as best of the brains to strategize the inbound marketing activities to ensure success. A well thought-out plan for reaching out to the target customer is what Digital Marketing is all about. Whether one has idea, product or service Digital Marketing is an answer to that.

This tool bears such power that it can shake up the established large enterprises. Recently, a term has been coined by Digital Gurus. That is ‘Smart Digital Marketing’. How ‘Smart’ creates a difference? A smart mix of any outbound campaign with the inbound activities!

digital marketing for startups

This will strongly support to their online web campaigns. Now it’s up to them for which purpose they have triggered these inbound campaigns.

Often they may ask what big deal is there whether it’s an inbound or outbound marketing. Inbound marketing constitutes blogs, videos, social media, SEO, discussion forums, whitepaper, etc. All these centralize over efficient content delivering expected results.

The scope is much wider though for any outbound campaign. It includes e-mail marketing, webinars, conferences, display advertisements and much more. All these actions are part of CRM campaigns that help in generating hot leads. Various start-ups confront with a challenge of budget allocation to the Digital Marketing experts enrolled by the company.

Digital marketing strategies cover all three aspects – research, execution and selling.  Only the right combo will click. This gets start-ups move across global boundaries. Major activities would be marketing strategy, international marketing, branding, positioning, SEO, SEM, marketing campaigns and social media campaigns.

Any Digital Marketing agency for start-ups circulates their strategy over robust research plans that will help any start-up boost its business in short span of time. It is actually this stage that brings in full insight of their competitors. They list out all aspects of the existing players and try to figure out a game-changer policy.

Once the plan is fixed they move on to the execution stage and begin with social media marketing. Here the customers can be easily approached and provoked to buy goods and services of particular brand. It then moves on to Search Engine Optimization for brand visibility.

Together with outbound activities like e-mail campaigns right traffic will pitch-in. This will drive business through high conversions.

Muddled With Ample Of Design Facets: Which Web Design Service To Choose From?

Merely commenting any website homepage as ‘#old’ is not going to solve any problem with design. The days of simple and closed compositions are over. The more the design would be open-style or chaotic more would be the chances for broken or cut out images. There are several facets around which web designing revolves that can be explained one by one.

The first one is Open Composition. The former grid style needs to be replaced with the upcoming technologies like Canvas and WebGL. Open compositions with loose elements fleeing away off-screen have become popular over many websites.

The erstwhile symmetrical layout is not the choice of the design experts who love contemporary styling. They wobbled the layout styling to asymmetry. They are fond of imperfect. Great variation within compositions ranging from dynamic to complex or organic shapes also works. Either they are zig-zag or difficult in structure.

As far as the background is concerned the patterns used are made up of small dashes, stripes, or dots. To test the look of the background it needs to be placed over grid pattern. The parallax principle of moving the elements over the grid would be adopted.

web designing solution

Grid pattern feature is so old that it might have been under-utilized without the use of the characteristic movements, but making the elemental movements logical, rationalizing the established decisions and simultaneously creates rhythm as well as justifies violation.

As per the decorative aspect of the theme ‘Flying’ geometric figures is not a very good idea. They are hackneyed. If anything loud such as linear or rickety icons are included they seem aloof of the content being written. To avoid any errors underscores and separators also change.

One fine day, animation has suddenly emerged with boom adding a random effect between different content blocks. It does not hamper the narratives that disturb the appearance of each element along with time schedule. An add-on of same to the theme at times can be very tempting as it highlights the content as a fresh and original creation.

Any web design solutions company is highly likely to acquire rich typography that makes bold use of various typefaces. Over the years the designers have evolved themselves with contrasting typefaces. These are serif typefaces with the non-serif ones. With time typography has started using advanced features where texts are animated, broken down into individual letters and variety of effects, images, and videos are placed on them.

The most favored ones are the Geometric typefaces with more aggressive and expressive character of a website. It uses thicker weight. The serif typefaces are ideal for large headlines.

How can Companies Benefit from Online Marketing Activities?

It is always worth investing time in promotional activities and marketing strategies. But how these business promotion activities are going to be fruitful for them that almost depends on the mode chosen for promotion, offline or online.

If any company promotes its products offline through traditional marketing, that is brochures, inserts, flyers and so on. Two kinds of activities – ATL (Above the line) and BTL (Below the line) in marketing strategies may ensure long-term success but also incurs a huge amount of cost. Because of the market size and accessibility of the internet, many businesses are going for online promotional activities.

A huge market is sure to get more customers and turns the business profitable. With this belief, many companies are going ahead with online web marketing as the mode of their promotion to outreach a huge number of audience in a limited amount of time that is cost-effective and promises huge turnouts to company’s websites.

First of all, the expectations anyone has from the promotion of any kind of product need to be very clear in the mind of the owner or promoters of the company. Promoting any brand will majorly give four types of results

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Furnishing appropriate information
  • High website traffic
  • Huge sales and profit

The offline branding involving television, radio, shopping outlets, billboards, magazines, and social media till now has been the most reliable player for the business people in the market which used to provide valuable results but once the businesses have switched to the online mode of selling they started believing that if good amount of visitors are landing on the website they will get good business.

online web marketing

For generating good leads there are actually multiple drivers in the business. First of all, the right market segmentation needs to be defined for the right target group. After that, one needs to define the positioning statement for its business unless the business is a start-up. Once that is also done, the company need to market its products or services either on various e-commerce platforms or over search engines for rapidly selling the commodities which they are offering to get the right amount of revenue.

Once all this is done, few of the companies do start their offline promotion campaigns to attract e-customers and largely sell their commodities both ways. For promotional and marketing activities the brand’s message should reach to its target audience in a loud and clear manner such that there will be no confusion in the mind of the buyer while buying any commodity which will spread a positive word of mouth for the business and its seekers.

A right media tool again is very important for generating leads for the business whether it is in B2B or B2C. Without leads, sales will not happen and then revenue will also be out of the question. Beyond television, radio, and print there are other media as well that are need to be considered for such activities.

Online Marketing Activities – Mobile First

With the growing number of smartphone users, the digital agencies have started developing mobile-friendly websites that should process easily over the mobile phones. But nowadays, smartphones have also made the market saturated and it is to that extent that the emerging mobile market it has attained a maturity level just within five years.

Now, more than half the web traffic has started arriving from responsive websites. The ‘Mobile First’ approach has been acquired by the companies have lured the customers so much that currently, mobile marketing is accountable for more than a third of the overall internet ad space.

Two biggies in the online marketing industry – Google and Facebook are ruling the online advertisements market. With Google leading in the race, its PPC ads through Google Adwords has shown up the collection of $30 million whereas if someone chooses Facebook PPC then it may not be a wrong choice as Facebook is trailing Google registering a bashing 59% YoY growth generating a worth of $8 million for the company.

The other players are not able to stand out in the market with a collective revenue growth of 13% all the year round. The beauty is that these marketing companies have already generated a high user data to which they just need to send the marketing messages or ads available on the other sites to be bought through Facebook.

online marketing

The only worry right now these giants have is whether this user data is valuable as it is the targeted user database which will generate potential buying leads for the companies who are flashing their advertisements over these platforms.

But at this time when mobile companies are experiencing a rapid growth, simultaneously the adblocking over mobile phones have also shot up rapidly but it is more over desktops than mobile phones. But since last year, mobile adblocking has also shown a sharp rise adding up 200 million users more blocking advertisements over their mobiles.

With an exception to the retail industry in which both small and mid-sized companies are moving on to the e-commerce platforms rest everyone else is looking ahead towards publishing their ads over social media platforms or search engines. Also, mobiles are offering the option of photo shares which the consumers are not going to find on the web.

Messengers have actually turned up the value of the mobile market. Other than messengers, there are social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. The biggest challenge these platforms face nowadays is to have a high monetary value. But how it is being done will be a big headache for the marketers. However, it has been evaluated that the messaging service is more beneficial for B2C companies as compared to B2B organizations.

Online video is another option one can consider for effective marketing of the products and services which the companies want to sell to the mass market.

It is just that the online marketing companies are not able to decide which medium to go for?